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Company news, product updates, and service updates from C-Aire Compressors about innovative fire protection, automotive, and industrial air compressor equipment. Also, find testimonials from our satisfied customers below.

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New Automatic Air Pressure Maintenance Device

Our brand-new Automatic Air Pressure Maintenance Device (CAMD1) is available now! C-Aire’s FM Approved CAMD1 is an automatic, field-adjustable device of the pressure-reducing type. It is used to control the supervisory air pressure in a dry pipe sprinkler system,...

APi Group C-Aire Product Training

Our CEO, Jason Hedeen, traveled to the APi Group headquarters today to provide training for C-Aire products and services. The presentation included tips on using our website, product demonstrations, information on the new products we've just released, and engaging...

3rd Annual C-Aire Picnic & Cornhole Tournament

We hosted our 3rd Annual C-Aire Picnic & Cornhole Tournament yesterday! The C-Aire team was invited out to Lake Minnetonka for catered food, a cornhole tournament, and prizes. Congratulations to Nick and Travis for being crowned the 2022 C-Aire Cornhole Champions!...

Company Outing at Minnesota Twins Game

The C-Aire team was invited along to the Minnesota Twins vs. Chicago White Sox game on Sunday. Even though the Twins had an off day, our crew had a great time in the all-inclusive suite! Fun Facts: Target Field had a C-Aire S1300V fire protection compressor installed...

Safety Week Training at Viking Automatic Sprinkler

Our CEO, Jason Hedeen, just wrapped up an air compressor training session for Viking Fire Protection Group as a part of Construction Safety Week. Construction Safety Week is an annual campaign to strengthen the industry's safety culture and performance by sharing best...

Arnold Motor Roadshow 2022

We had another successful exhibit at the annual Arnold Motor Supply Roadshow! The Roadshow is a 4-city traveling trade show that features the latest technology and newest products in the automotive market. Learn more about our automotive air compressors here. [gallery...

C-Aire Product Numbering Systems

C-Aire's fire protection and piston compressor product numbering systems break down each component of the compressor to simplify the product configuration. Click on an underlined item to go to the corresponding page on our website. Please call to learn more about the...

New 0.25 HP S33 Riser Mount Fire Protection Air Compressor

The S33R is our innovative 0.25 horsepower riser mount unit that registers at a low 58 decibels. It is lightweight, weighing just 20 pounds. This unit is best suited for single-valve small standard systems and pre-action systems. Do you need server room protection?...

Decorating C-Aire for the Holidays

Last week, we invited our employees' children into the C-Aire Compressors facility to help spread the holiday spirit! Team members in the office participated by leading various activities throughout the day. Jason Hedeen (CEO) and Carin Hedeen (President) started the...

How We Approach Air Compressor Service, Quality, and Innovation

Take a look inside C-Aire Compressors and see how we implement the highest level of quality assurance by utilizing customer feedback, teamwork, problem-solving, and by doing all of our assembly and testing in the United States. At C-Aire, our goal is to make...

New Digital Air Maintenance Device (AMD) Gen-3 with Leak Detection

Our fully-redesigned and upgraded Digital Air Maintenance Device Gen-3 with Leak Detection (patent-pending) is an industry first. The Digital AMD Gen-3 is UL listed and allows the user to set the system pressure in seconds and measure system air leaks by monitoring...

Oklahoma Fire Sprinkler Association Boondoggle Trade Show 2021

We had a great time exhibiting at the Oklahoma Fire Sprinkler Association's 3rd Annual Boondoggle! The C-Aire booth showcased our latest fire sprinkler air compressors, along with an interactive display to show how quick and easy it is to install our riser mount...

New 0.5 HP S110 Riser Mount Fire Protection Air Compressor

The new S110R-LD1-115PD Fire Protection Air Compressor is C-Aire's latest addition to the Whisper Quiet Series. Featuring our proprietary Digital AMD Gen-3 with Leak Detection™, it allows the user to digitally set the system pressure in seconds. Order now, shipping...

2nd Annual C-Aire Picnic & Cornhole Tournament

We held our 2nd Annual Company Picnic & Cornhole Tournament! Employees competed to win prizes, bragging rights, and a trophy for the first-place team. Congrats to Travis and Jake for being crowned the 2021 C-Aire Cornhole Champions! Thank you to our entire team...

Arnold Motor Supply Training Seminar

We just wrapped up our annual training for Arnold Motor Supply! Each year, representatives from various Arnold locations travel up to Dresser, WI to learn about C-Aire's new and existing products, compressed air basics, our research and development process, and an...

New 0.5 HP Baseplate Fire Protection Air Compressor

The new 0.5 HP S244 compressor is our introductory baseplate model featuring our innovative Digital AMD Gen-3 with Leak Detection™. The Digital AMD allows the user to quickly set the system pressure and can easily quantify system leaks. The S244 is IN STOCK and ready...


"Thank you for all your help. We wish more vendors were as helpful!!"

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Logo - C-Aire Compressors

Brian Schoby
Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Company

"I’m really impressed with how the business has grown since I picked up my last compressor at the old Wyoming, MN location. The entire process was a great experience from the receptionist who answered my first call to the excellent service at your loading dock when I picked up the new compressor. Keep up the good work."

C-Aire logo orange C

Mike Dickerson
Lexington Car Wash

"This business is well run in my experience. They are very helpful when needed and have a very nice product. I have had their product for 8 years. Just had my first trouble (pressure switch), they helped me diagnose and fix the problem. BRAVO!"

Air Compressors for Home & Hobby Industry by C-Aire

Home & Hobby Customer

"I needed a bigger compressor, did a LOT of research and the C-Aire units just kept coming up with 5-star ratings across the board, especially with customer service. The similar-sized Ingersoll Rand and Quincy units were 50/50 with many low customer service ratings and complaints on how loud they were. This C-Aire wasn't the lowest priced but had better ratings, lower RPM, quieter, and significantly longer pump warranty. I haven't used it with the sandblaster yet, but at 24CFM @ 175psi it should keep up nicely. It just chugs along nice and quiet with less vibration, refills very quickly and the fit and finish are outstanding. Plus that beautiful orange color!"

Air Compressors Direct - C-Aire Compressors

Dave S.

"Powerful but quiet compressor. Got this compressor a week or two ago. Shipped quickly and arrived right on time. We have been very happy so far with both the performance and how quiet the compressor is. It's actually quieter than the smaller compressor we replaced it with. Our CNC router is running like a new machine and we plan on attaching a sandblaster to this compressor as well before we're done. Highly recommend!"

Compressor Pros Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Anonymous Customer

"Thank you for the quick response on getting a replacement for our customer. I deal with a lot of vendors and your customer service response time is 100% above all!"

Leonhardt Pipe Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Leticia Stuhldreher
Leonhardt Pipe & Supply Inc.

"Great Compressor!!! One of the Best Buys on the market. My last C-Aire was almost thirty years old and was just starting to get a little tired. I would not even think about buying another brand. This is way more than I'll ever need for a home shop."

Air Compressors Direct - C-Aire Compressors

Russ S.

"Happy with purchase. I am very happy with this compressor so far, it's very quiet and fast."

Compressor Pros Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors


"Own two compressors and they both have been great, customer service hit the nail on the head!!"

Oveson Refuse & Recycling Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Ron Oveson
Oveson Refuse & Recycling

"I got the compressor shipped from the manufacturer, and it was here in days - very fast. The compressor works great and is pretty quiet with the low RPMs. Massive air delivery."

Air Compressors Direct - C-Aire Compressors

Don K.

"Excellent buying experience. Ray was very knowledgeable and made my buying experience easy, I have recommended CompressorPros already and will use them again in the future."

Compressor Pros Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Tim S.

"We are a manufacturers representative in New York and Northern New Jersey. We have been stocking and selling the S261R-LD1-115P and S281R-LD1-115PD for approximately 3 years. The C-Aire product represents a technological improvement over the prevailing method that utilized a separate air maintenance device, and it takes up less physical space when installed. We have also found that C-Aire provides consistently strong customer service and support."

BMB Sales Manufacturers Reps Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Keith Bockstein
BMB Sales Manufacturers Reps

"I had a borrowed two-stage Ingersoll Rand compressor in my garage. I bought my own C-Aire. C-Aire is a much quieter compressor with less vibration. There was minor damage from transport to the air filter housings. I emailed C-Aire and three days later there were two filter housings on my doorstep. Thanks, C-Aire."

Air Compressors Direct - C-Aire Compressors

Charles T.

"Just what the doctor ordered. Everything that I expected it to be. Shipping and delivery went smoothly. The compressor works great. Well built, quiet, and kept up perfectly well with auto body painting."

Compressor Pros Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Ben P.

"We love the C-Aire Compressor we have in our shop at home! Installation was easy, serviceability is great. I would highly recommend one!"

Degenhardt Tire Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Alton Degenhardt
Degenhardt Tire Inc

"This air compressor is hands down real American quality and this thing is very quiet - you don't have to yell to talk over it. There is nothing cheap about this and when I drain the tank at night and start it back up it might take 6-7 min to fill, if that!! I was going to purchase an Ingersoll Rand but I'm glad I changed my mind!"

Air Compressors Direct - C-Aire Compressors

Chad Z.

"Pressure switch fixed the issue I was having. Super fast shipping. Price reasonable."

Compressor Pros Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Jon R.

"Nothing is better than having my OCD in check. I shopped for many months before making this decision. At this price point, I had many really solid choices but I went with C-Aire for a number of reasons. The first impression is WOW, really high attention to detail, not one blem anywhere, and it is quite obvious the employees take pride in what they do. I am super happy with my choice, I can't wait to fire this beast up and start working."

John Wilson Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

John Wilson
Google Review

"Awesome Compressor! I purchased this compressor 3 years ago for my small two-man repair shop. It's been working flawlessly! It also runs very quiet compare to my old Ingersoll Rand."

Air Compressors Direct - C-Aire Compressors

Phil T.

"Very impressed! Pricing rocked, and shipping speed was phenomenal! I WILL REMEMBER this company and will recommend it to others!!"

Compressor Pros Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Scott G.

"When I contacted them for a compressor part they were very friendly. I got a live voice on the phone after just a couple of rings and the person was very helpful. They gave me the part number I needed and a phone number for the auto parts store in my town that sells their products. The entire call was just a couple of minutes. It’s nice to know good customer service still exists at some of these big companies."

Servant of Christ Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Servants of Christ
Google Review

"The Best! Fantastic! We've had the compressor for several years now. Never had a problem. Always there when we needed it. Have never run out of air. Solid piece of equipment. Smooth running. Extremely happy with it. Recommend Fully."

Air Compressors Direct - C-Aire Compressors

Jeff H.

"More people should be like you!! AWESOME TO DO BUSINESS WITH!! Highly recommend to everyone!"

Compressor Pros Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Ben P.

"You guys aren't kidding on the speedy response...THANK YOU!!!! LOVE these compressors."

Air Compressors for Home & Hobby Industry by C-Aire

Dan Strobach
Home & Hobby Customer

"Great parts, Fast shipping. My compressor is up and running, Thanks."

Compressor Pros Testimonial for C-Aire Compressors

Jeremy F.

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