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Piston Compressor Specification Table

C-Aire's reciprocating piston compressor specification table shows the commonly needed specs for all of our piston compressors. C-Aire's piston compressors are built to excel in performance and durability, tailored to meet your specific needs. Explore our specification table, and feel free to reach out to our team for any assistance or questions you may have.

Interactive Compressor Specification Table

Our Interactive Compressor Specification Table is designed to enhance your browsing experience. Click on any underlined item to instantly navigate to the corresponding page on our website, providing you with detailed information and insights. To enable full-screen mode, click on the outward arrows in the bottom right of the table.

Piston Compressor Additional Information

Simplex Unit

An air compressor with one pump and motor mounted on a tank. Simplex units are ideal for operations where continuous run-time isn't required. They are also quieter and have a smaller form factor than duplex units.

Fully Packaged Upgrade Option

  • Oversized Aftercooler
    • Remove over 60% of water vapor, humidity, or moisture.
  • Energy-Saving Pneumatic Automatic Tank Drain
    • Drains condensate with zero air loss every time the compressor shuts off.
    • Prevents valves from fouling and reduces corrosion.
  • Includes Installation Kit
    • 4 mounting pads
    • 4 anchor bolts
    • 12" stainless steel braided flex hose

Duplex Unit

An air compressor with two pumps and two motors mounted on one tank. Duplex units are ideal for operations that may require short durations at higher CFM or more frequent run-time. They are flexible, efficient, and can still be run with just one pump and motor if the other needs to be repaired.

3-Year Extended Warranty

  • The extended warranty lengthens the warranty from 1 year to 3 years. Purchase an extended warranty kit the same day as your compressor, register your extended warranty with C-Aire within 10 days, and perform the recommended maintenance on schedule.
  • Located inside the warranty kit are enough Air Intake Filters (recommended to be changed every 6 months) and Compressor Oil (recommended to be changed every 12 months) to maintain your compressor through the end of year three.

Gas Drive Unit

An air compressor with one pump, a Honda gas drive motor, and a fuel supply mounted on a tank. Gas drive units are great for service truck use.

Not All Combinations Above Are Possible.

*The A050V060-1230 and A050H060-1230 are not compatible with 208V. Please call our customer service team at (651) 462-3440 with any questions.

Low RPM Pump

C-Aire offers low RPM pumps designed to significantly reduce operating sound level and vibration, ultimately enhancing the longevity of your pump.

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