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Custom & Specialty Air Compressors

For over 40 years, C-Aire has designed, built, and distributed the highest quality commercial grade air compressors available. As a privately owned company we are committed to taking care of you, our customer, and to offering a wide variety of options to ensure that no matter what the requirements are, we are there to match your needs! Our experienced team is ready to meet any special requirements that your compressed air system may demand.

Types of Custom & Specialty Air Compressors

Hazardous Duty Explosion-Proof Compressors

Designed to withstand long hours or use in hazardous areas.

Dry Air Series Compressors for Fire Protection

FM Approved regenerative drying air compressors specifically designed for refrigerated/freezer spaces and other corrosion-free fire sprinkler systems. The regenerative drying process (molecular sieve towers) dries system air to a less than -40°F dewpoint, which will stop the corrosion process. C-Aire's Dry Air Series compressors are extremely easy and affordable to maintain.

Nitrogen Generator Systems for Fire Protection (Coming Soon!)

Designed to introduce nitrogen into a dry pipe or pre-action fire sprinkler system and displace oxygen, which prevents microbiologically influenced corrosion and ice plugs. Each nitrogen generator system includes a C-Aire fire protection air compressor and tank.

Vertical Tank Fire Protection Compressors

Mount any 30-gallon or 60-gallon configuration on a vertical tank.

Duplex Air Compressor Units

An air compressor with two pumps and two motors mounted on one tank. Duplex units are ideal for operations that may require short durations at higher CFM or more frequent run-time.

Custom Electrical Specifications

Nearly all of our compressors can be built with multiple electrical configurations.

Larger Air Storage Capacity

Our standard air compressors can be mounted on larger tanks for additional air storage and unusually heavy demands.

Custom Requests

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