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Rotary Screw & Piston Compressor Maintenance for Porsche Dealership

Case Study

Preventative Rotary Screw & Piston Compressor Maintenance


Porsche Automotive Dealership & Service Center


BOGE C15 Rotary Screw Compressor
C-Aire 10 HP 80 Gal Vertical Air Compressor Fully Packaged (Includes an Oversized Aftercooler, Energy Saving Pneumatic Automatic Tank Drain, & Installation Kit)
Keltec KRAD-80 Refrigerated Dryer


A Porsche dealership in Minneapolis, Minnesota purchased a C-Aire air compressor and BOGE rotary screw compressor to support its service center shop. The system is equipped with a refrigerated dryer to actively remove condensate and achieve extremely dry compressed air. The customer also requested semi-annual maintenance from the C-Aire service team to ensure their compressors and dryer continue to run optimally. We have provided the following services for the customer:

  • Discussed daily inspections with the in-house maintenance department
  • Repaired a small leak coming from the rotor end cap
  • Changed air filters
  • Changed oil filters
  • Changed inline filters
  • Replaced belts
  • Replaced scavenger line and orifice
  • Cleaned units
  • Replaced float drain
  • Inspected electrical components
  • Changed oil
  • Changed separator filter
  • Cleaned and re-lubed inlet valve and minimum pressure valve
  • Blew out cooler and unit
  • Tightened electrical connections in the starter box
  • Blew out dryer condenser and unit
  • Changed dryer filters


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