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About Rotary Screw Air Compressors

How Rotary Screw Air Compressors Work

    • C-Aire is North America's largest distributor of BOGE rotary screw, scroll, and variable speed air compressors.
    • A rotary screw compressor includes two intermeshing rotors in housing that have an inlet port at one end and a discharge port at the other end.
    • Most rotary screw units are single-stage.
    • Motors run continuously. The inlet port is closed when the desired PSI is achieved and opens again as needed.
    • Lubricant injected into the compression chamber serves three functions:
      • Lubricates the intermeshing rotors and bearings
      • Removes most of the heat
      • Acts as a seal in the clearances between the meshing rotors and housing
    • Air exiting the rotors passes through a sump/separator. Directional and velocity changes are used to separate most of the liquid.
    • The remaining aerosols in the air are separated by a coalescing filter, resulting in generally 2-5 parts per million of lubricant carryovers.
    • Lubricant (carrying much of the heat from air compressing) passes through the cooler before returning to the rotators.

Additional Notes

  • Rule of thumb: every 1 HP produces 4 CFM
  • Advantages:
    • Duty cycle can be 100% (80% minimum, designed for continuous use)
    • Quiet
    • Lower cost of compressed air (energy cost)
    • Complete package: air is cooled, filtered through a Coalescing Filter, vibration-free
  • Disadvantages:
    • Higher initial cost
    • Requires professional maintenance
  • BOGE's screw compressors offer maximum reliability, highly efficient operation, and extremely easy maintenance. Whether with oil-injection cooling or oil-free, frequency-controlled, belt-driven, or directly coupled - these sturdy machines form the backbone of the industry.
BE C7L-3208-125DT Boge Rotary Screw Compressor - C-Aire Compressors

Rotary Screw Compressor Specification Table

C-Aire's rotary screw compressor specification table shows the commonly needed specs for all of the CL series rotary screw compressors. For more information about the other BOGE compressed air systems, please reach out to us by using the form at the bottom of the page. To enable full-screen mode, click on the outward arrows in the bottom right of the table.

BOGE Compressed Air Systems

C Series
The space-saving C series screw compressors are designed for long-term performance. A refrigerant dryer with a prefilter mounted on a horizontal receiver is available as an option. Even at full load operation, the compressor operates reliably and safely at optimum efficiency providing a long service life. The tank and dryer assembly, testing, and quality check are performed at the C-Aire facility.
Output Range:
4 HP to 15 HP
11 CFM to 61 CFM
BOGE C Series - C-Aire Compressors
C-2 Series
The C-2 series boasts a wide output range, which means it can offer the perfect solution for every conceivable requirement. Regardless of which options you choose for your application ā€“ be it installed on a receiver or with an integrated refrigerant dryer ā€“ you will always get a turnkey solution requiring no additional space.
Output Range:
15 HP to 30 HP
18 CFM to 135 CFM
BOGE C-2 Series - C-Aire Compressors
S-3 Series
The design philosophy of the S-3 series skillfully combines utmost efficiency, maximum operating safety, and distinct ease of maintenance: all of the functional areas are clearly laid out, safe, and easy to reach, and all of the components are designed for long life. There are various options available for even greater efficiency ā€“ from frequency control to heat recovery.
Output Range:
40 HP to 340 HP
44 CFM to 1489 CFM
BOGE S-3 Series - C-Aire Compressors
S-4 Series
The S-4 series sets all the benchmarks for continuous compressed air demand when it comes to the quiet, efficient, and reliable production of compressed air. With its robust technology, minimal internal pressure losses, and pioneering improvements to ensure maximum efficiency, the Sā€‘4 series quickly pays dividends anywhere. It also requires surprisingly low maintenance.
Output Range:
75 HP to 200 HP
84 CFM to 1034 CFM
BOGE S-4 Series - C-Aire Compressors

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