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Fire Protection Compressor Product Numbering System

C-Aire's fire protection compressor product numbering system breaks down each component of the compressor to simplify the product configuration. Our fire protection air compressors are ETL Listed to UL Standard 1450 & CSA Standard C22.2 NO. 68 and have been specifically tested and certified for use in sprinkler systems when installed in accordance with NFPA 13, "Installation of Sprinkler Systems."

Interactive Product Numbering Diagram

Click on an underlined item to go to the corresponding page on our website. Please call to learn more about the products that are not linked.

Fire Protection Compressor Product Key

Fire Sprinkler Air Compressor

An air compressor specifically engineered for dry pipe & pre-action fire sprinkler systems. In a dry sprinkler system, compressed air pressurizes the pipes that carry water to the sprinkler heads. When a fire causes one or more sprinkler heads to activate, the air escapes, and the dry pipe valve releases. This allows water to enter the pipe and flow through the open sprinklers onto the fire. These systems are designed for use in areas where the pipes are at risk of freezing, such as unheated buildings or outdoor areas.

Cold Storage Dry Air Compressor

FM Approved regenerative drying air compressors specifically designed for dry pipe and pre-action sprinkler systems in freezer/refrigerated rooms and cold storage areas. The regenerative drying process (four molecular sieve towers) dries system air to a less than -40°F (-40°C) dewpoint, preventing the dangerous formation of ice plugs in cold storage systems and stopping the corrosion process.

Model Number

The model number loosely correlates with the compressor's dry fire sprinkler system capacity. The compressor will fill the system in 30 minutes or less at 40 psi. Refer to the product page for exact system capacity ratings.


A tankless unit that contains a motor, pump, and Digital AMD Gen-3 or 30-40 psi pressure switch. Baseplate units include a 1-year warranty and a 3-year pump warranty.


Baseplate unit fitted with pneumatic tires, a long handle, rubber feet, and a storage bracket for the handle. Portable units include a 1-year warranty and a 3-year pump warranty.

Heavy & Standard Duty Series (HD & SD)

When reliability is essential, C-Aire recommends the Heavy Duty Series. Our Heavy Duty compressors are built for longevity and provide the lowest total cost of ownership over the life of the building. In addition to new projects where the compressor will last for many years, the Heavy Duty Series is the perfect solution for replacing failed compressors in older systems. Our Standard Duty Series are dependable units, built at an economical price. The HD and SD Series include a 1-year unit warranty and a 3-year pump warranty.

Light Duty Series (LD)

Whisper quiet, compact units that are specifically designed for settings where noise is the main concern. These units are oil-free, easy to install, and low maintenance. New construction or tight systems with minimal air leaks are a good match for this series. Includes 1-year unit warranty.

Prewired Power Cord

Designed for testing purposes only. Not to be used as a permanent source of power.

Prewired Magnetic Starter

The single-phase S1300 and S1700, and all three-phase compressors require a factory-installed magnetic starter to provide overload protection.

30-40 psi Adjustable Pressure Switch

A pressure switch that operates at a lower pressure setting. Factory set at 30-40 psi.

Digital AMD Gen-3 (With Leak Detection)

The Digital AMD Gen-3 is UL listed and allows the user to set the system pressure in seconds and measure system air leaks by monitoring the total number of starts in the past 24 hours and 7 days.

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