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Rotary Screw Maintenance for Hotel at Minneapolis Airport

Case Study

Preventative Rotary Screw Compressor Maintenance


Industrial Laundry Operation for Hotel


BOGE C7.5L Rotary Screw Air Compressor with a Keltec KRAD-40 Refrigerated Dryer on a C-Aire Tank


A large hotel at the Minneapolis‚ąíSaint Paul International Airport purchased a BOGE rotary screw compressor for its industrial laundry operation. The customer also requested quarterly maintenance from the C-Aire service team to keep the compressor and refrigerated dryer running optimally. We have provided the following services for the customer:

  • Electricians had rewired the motor on the unit from 230V to 460V but did not rewire the transformer, causing fuses to trip. Our service technician rewired the transformer and replaced the fuses.
  • Blew out cooler and unit
  • Replaced thermal valve and sensor
  • Oil change
  • Replaced oil filter
  • Replaced air filter
  • Replaced Tsunami separator filter
  • Changed scavenge line screen and verified flow through stone
  • Serviced solenoid
  • Cleaned and re-lubed inlet and MP valve
  • Wiped down unit


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