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Air Compressors for Home & Hobby Industry by C-Aire

Home & Hobby

Air compressors allow the average homeowner to tackle a plethora of DIY projects with professional quality. Compressed air yields access to air tools for practical and recreational use, not only saving users time but also money.

7.5HP 80 Gallon Simplex Piston Air Compressor - C-Aire Compressors - A075V080-1230


Air compressors assist with the nailing, framing, sanding, and painting tasks associated with woodworking along with helping maintain good air quality and cleanliness within a work space.

Pneumatic Tools

Air powered tools are a great alternative to electric tools; they require less maintenance, run cooler, and are more environmentally conscious. Pneumatic tools such as drills, staplers, nail guns, wrenches, saws, and sanding tools can assist in a range of workshop and household tasks.


Vehicle tires, bike tires, recreational items, and sports equipment are just some of the beneficiaries of inflation from air compressors. Having an at-home compressor gives owners the ability to inflate items at their own convenience.


Large and small scale craft projects that require assembly, painting, or installation can all be done at home with the help of tools like a nail gun or paint sprayer. DIY options become countless with the ownership of a single stage compressor.

Piston Air Compressor from C-Aire

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Find a compressor that is as versatile as you are. Our compressors are built for functionality to help tackle any of your home and hobby projects.

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