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Piston Compressor Maintenance for High School

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Preventative Air Compressor Maintenance


Woodworking Shops for High School Technology Education Program


C-Aire 7.5 HP 80 Gal Vertical Air Compressor Fully Packaged (Includes an Oversized Aftercooler, Energy Saving Pneumatic Automatic Tank Drain, & Installation Kit)


A high school in northern Wisconsin purchased a C-Aire fully packaged air compressor for its technology education shop class applications. The fully packaged kit removes 60% of water vapor in the air, which protects the downstream equipment from excessive heat and moisture. C-Aire’s service team provides yearly maintenance for the unit and works with the school’s tech ed teacher. The technology education program prepares students for life after high school and we are proud to power that mission with a quality air compressor. The shop classes include the use of power tools, woodworking, and metals. We have provided the following services for the customer:

  • Changed oil
  • Changed oil filters
  • Changed air filters
  • Changed inline filters
  • Repaired sight glass leak
  • Repaired high-pressure jug gasket leak
  • Installed a new suction valve
  • Inspected belts and drains
  • Repaired moisture minder drain hose
  • Changed desiccant on the filter
  • Inspected electrical components
  • Repaired air leak from the pressure switch
  • Blew out cooler and unit
  • Cleaned breather
  • Tested drain
  • Replaced float drains
  • Repaired regulator


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