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Digital AMD Gen-3


The Digital Air Maintenance Device (AMD) GEN3

With Leak Detection

Features of the Digital AMD Gen-3

  • Digitally set system pressure in seconds
  • For use on single valve systems
  • IP65 water resistance rated (NEW!)
  • Flash memory
  • Measures system air leaks (NEW!)
  • Tamper proof lock-out setting
  • Ceramic digital pressure sensor (NEW!)
  • 304 stainless steel housing (NEW!)

The C-Aire Leak Detection Calculator

Leak DetectionTM quantifies the amount of air leaking from the system by tracking the total number of starts during two trailing periods. On site users can quickly access the total number of starts during the past 24 hours and 7 days to determine leak severity and identify trends. Additionally, if repairs to leaks have been made, Leak DetectionTM can be used to measure what percent of total leaks have been sealed.

Data can be entered on our website for a detailed assessment of leaks, as well as determine if the leaks are within compliance of NFPA standards.

The Digital AMD Gen-3 is Available On These Compressors

1 HP S281 Series

1 HP S244B Series