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Coalescing Filter

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Tsunami oil coalescing filters deliver high-grade compressed air and protect critical equipment from oil aerosols and particulates. Tsunami oil coalescing filters use a non-wicking drain layer secured to the outside support core to separate oil and water from the airflow and drain the liquid to the filter sump. The Tsunami Oil Coalescing Filter removes oil aerosols down to .001 ppm, traps particulates down to .01 micron, and is rated for up to 240 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Key features and benefits:

  • Chemical-resistant polypropylene cores and layers support coalescing media.
  • Removes oil, oil mist, vapor, and particulate down to .01 micron.
  • The non-Wicking layer collects and drains oil into the drain sump of the filter housing, preventing entrainment.
  • Available with float, electronic, or pneumatic drain options.
  • Available for systems with a flow rating from 20 to 240 CFM.
  • Made in America


  • Part # FR CF20CFM: 20 Max CFM, 1/4″ NPT Female Inlet/Outlet
  • Part # FR CF50CFM: 50 Max CFM, 1/2″ NPT Female Inlet/Outlet
  • Part # FR CF120CFM: 120 Max CFM, 1″ NPT Female Inlet/Outlet

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