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5 HP 80 Gallon Simplex Piston Compressor

Product Number
A050V080 | A050H080

The C-Aire 5 HP 80 Gallon Simplex unit features a low-RPM cast iron pump with an aluminum head for efficient cooling, Sandvik Swedish steel reed valves, finned intercooler tubes, and an easy-to-read oil sight glass. It also has a large frame heavy-duty motor to ensure reliable performance and long life. This unit comes with a pre-wired magnetic starter and is ready for installation and start-up. The 5 HP 80 Gallon Simplex is ETL Listed to UL 1450 and CSA C22.2 NO. 68.
Other features include:
– Eight-foot intercooler between the first and second stage of compression to cool the air down and increase efficiency.
– Instead of having to reach under the tank to drain the condensate with a petcock, we have a ball valve that’s easily accessible.
– Large liquid-filled air pressure gauge for better accuracy.
– The serial tag has commonly needed information, such as oil capacity, air filter part number, and our phone number.
– The low-RPM pump is very quiet, runs cool, and lasts longer than our competitors.

– 5 horsepower
– 2 stage
– 17 CFM @ 175 PSI
– 2-cylinder cast iron pump
– 885 RPM pump
– 50,000-hour main bearings
– Full-synthetic oil
– 208/230-volt 1 phase, 230/460-volt 3 phase
– 21 amps @ 208V, 19.1 amps @ 230V
– 1745 RPM motor
– 40 amp breaker
– 80-gallon tank
– Dimensions: V – 32”x23”x75” / H – 65”x23”x48”
– 560 lbs. shipping weight

Suitable for:
– 1-2 person body shop
– 2-3 person auto repair shop
– Farm

Upgrade to a Fully Packaged Unit: Make sure your C-Aire compressor is set up correctly from the start! C-Aire’s Fully Packaged compressors include a factory-installed belt guard mounted aftercooler and moisture minder auto tank drain. This is the most affordable way to significantly reduce moisture and prolong the life and effectiveness of your pneumatic tools by removing approximately 60% of the moisture in your compressed air. The aftercooler is mounted directly to the unit’s belt guard and utilizes the air drawn in by the flywheel for cooling before the air reaches the tank. The automatic tank drain operates each time the compressor cycles, stores condensation without wasting air, prevents valves from fouling, and reduces corrosion. Fully Packaged units also include an installation kit: four mounting pads, four anchor bolts, and a 12″ steel braided flex hose. The mounting pads increase the longevity of your compressor by providing vibration dampening which relieves stress on the unit. The steel braided flex hose offers a flexible connection to your piping system.

3-Year Extended Warranty: Maintaining your compressor is an integral part of the longevity of your compressor’s life. Purchase the C-Aire Extended Warranty Kit the same day you purchase your C-Aire Compressor and register the extended warranty with C-Aire within 10 days of purchase. Located inside the warranty kit are enough Air Intake Filters (recommended to be changed every six months) and Compressor Oil (recommended to be changed every 12 months) to maintain your compressor through the end of year three.

1 Year Warranty

3 Year Extended Warranty

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