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4 HP S950 Oil-Free Tank Mount Fire Protection Compressor

Ideal For Quiet Settings

  • Apartments

  • Churches

  • Nursing Homes
Product Number
    Product Specs
  • 4 Horse Power
  • 30 Gallons
  • 13.51 CFM @ 10 PSI
  • Single
  • 208/230
  • Horizontal Tank
  • Standard pressure (40 psi): Fills a 973-gallon dry pipe system in 30 minutes
  • Low pressure (18 psi): Fills a 2,447-gallon dry pipe system in 30 minutes
  • Pre-action (10 psi): Fills a 4,747-gallon dry pipe system in 30 minutes
  • 1/2" NPT Outlet
  • 40" x 18" x 38" (L x D x H)
  • 330 lbs. Shipping Weight
    Standard Features

  • Appropriate for single or multiple-valve systems

  • Add a new Automatic Air Maintenance Device from C-Aire!

  • Quiet – 70 dB

  • Low vibration

  • Oil-free and low maintenance

  • 12-month unit warranty

    Whisper quiet, compact units that are specifically designed for settings where noise is a concern. These units are oil-free, easy to install, and low maintenance. New construction or tight systems with minimal air leaks are a good match for this series. Our fire protection air compressors are specifically engineered for dry pipe & pre-action fire sprinkler systems. We are committed to enhancing the fire protection industry using customer feedback, new technology, and industry trends to deliver innovative solutions to the market. Call our sales team today to find out more or set up a live demonstration!

    According to NFPA 13, air compressors with a flow greater than 5.5 CFM at 10 psi require a tank and regulator-style air maintenance device with a bypass and restrictor (NFPA 13 Learn how to configure your dry pipe & pre-action system with C-Aire’s best practices guide here.

    1 Year Warranty

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